Secondary Schools

Secondary Transfer

The move to secondary school is an important step in the life of a child. When your child is in year 6 you will be given a booklet which gives details of the admissions criteria of the various schools and open days when you can go and see them. You will also want to talk though the various options with your child’s teacher.

In this area there are many choices and the procedure is quite complex, and so here is a very simplified overview to help unravel the enigma!

Grammar Schools

If your child is academic (in the top 15%-20%) then you have the option of entering them for the 11+ tests. Provided they get a high enough score then they will be offered a grammar school place.

Invicta Grammar School (girls)
Maidstone Grammar school for Girls
Maidstone Grammar School (boys)
Oakwood Park Grammar School (boys)
Tonbridge Girls’ Grammar
The Judd School (boys)
The Skinners School (boys)
Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar
Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys
Weald of Kent Grammar School (girls)
Wilmington Grammar School for Boys
Wilmington Grammar School for Girls

It is important to realise that the admission criteria of the above schools all include ‘distance from the school’ and so just gaining an 11+ place does not guarantee you a place, particularly in a Tunbridge Wells School.

Non-Selective Schools

In Sevenoaks there are two non-selective schools:

The Knole Academy
Trinity School

In Tonbridge:

Hugh Christie (mixed)
Hillview School for Girls (performing arts)
Hayesbrook School

In Wrotham:

Wrotham Secondary School (mixed)

In Hadlow:

Hadlow Rural Community School (mixed)

Church Schools

If you have strong connections with a church then you might want to consider the church school option:

Trinity School – Sevenoaks
Bennett Memorial School (Church of England) – Tunbridge Wells
St Gregorys (Catholic) – Tunbridge Wells

Fee Paying Schools

Radnor House (mixed)
Tonbridge School (boys)
Sackville (mixed)
Sevenoaks School (mixed)
Walthamstow Hall (girls)

These schools have their own entrance exams.

Please remember that one school is not ‘better’ than another. The important thing is to find the right school for your child – the one where he/she is going to flourish and be happy.