Year 6 leavers speeches 2021

Annabelle’s Memories

St Lawrence has been a blast over the years but these are some of my favourite memories.

 At Hilltop I jumped off a power fan and at first it was frightening but I did it in the end. I shared a room with two of my friends Nancy and Lexie but we were never on time for anything because our clock was broken.

 Govilon sadly was cancelled but as usual Mrs. Saunders  thought of something fun. The camping trip was a great thing to do instead except the tent leaked and there were ants in it but we did get to climb a climbing wall and do abseiling which I really enjoyed.

My first time on a boat to get to The Isle of Wight was really exciting and The Needles looked really sharp.

Lastly, The Lion King this was probably the best summer show ever! It was really fun. I’m definitely going to miss this school.


Hattie’s Memories


It is so sad that I’m writing this, I was not expecting this day to come so fast but here I am. There is so much to tell everyone, all the good times I’ve had, but if I told you all of that we would be here for centuries so I’m going to talk about some of the people who have been on my St. Lawrence journey with me. The person who can always make me laugh is Lexie, it doesn’t matter if it’s her smile or her jokes, they’re the best! Or Louana, scaring most of the school but always having the biggest kindest heart ever. Molly is crazy, but if I was doing anything stupid she would either convince me to not do something dumb or she’d join. Lottie always laughing at other peoples jokes but her laughing would always make you uncontrollably laugh. Last but not least Jemima she was always finding and learning the new tik tok and trying to teach us them, then we would fail miserably. I don’t think I could ever forget the best buddy in the world Etty.  

My Teachers           

I could not thank my teachers enough; they have done so so so much for me over the years. Thank you Mrs Clark, you have pushed me to keep going with my netball, Mrs Hay always encouraging me to do acting. Mrs Saunders, thank you for everything but especially for my swimming and singing. Thank you Mrs Mac for pushing me with maths, English and well everything else. Y ou have done so much for me over the four years in your classroom. I do appreciate and love you. 

Once apart of St Lawrence always apart of St Lawrence.


Jemima's Memories

I am so happy I came to St. Lawrence. I have had such a special time with all my friend and teachers helping me along the way. From my first day I have felt so welcome and enjoyed coming to school. We have faced many challenges these past year due to corona virus but have got through it as a school. I have many memories of my time here that really stand out and I will remember forever. The teachers have always made lessons so enjoyable. They have created so many opportunities for us which makes St. Lawrence unique. I have loved every moment from the tidy up song in Ash Class to standing here in year 6.



It’s been an interesting 7 years, and through that time lots of memories have been built. Every year many events would happen. Whether it would be a school trip or a whole day on our class topic, but whatever it was everyone would look forward to it.

Viking day was one of my favourite days. Look here’s something that will blow your mind an actual Viking came in like for real and I am going to be honest, he was very loud. We did lots of things that day one of those things being the Viking boat race. How did that go I hear you ask. Well….I mean…..moving on.

In my time at St Lawrence I have gone on many school trips, now these were the highlights to remember. Hilltop, where to start, I know, the cabins. Myself and the boys were in a four person cabin and we had some good times but once we started to do the activities I understood why people loved it. In groups we took on many different activities and challenges most of them including teamwork. However, while we were doing this of course we had to have a bit of fun. Our group instructor Taylor gave Leo and I new names. Now for me there was only one thing I could be The Mighty Josephine and my partner in crime Leo who became Barbara.

Now Govilon or SSS I am aware I am running out of time so I will just say this, the real Govilon was cancelled but of course the teachers had a plan camping in the school field that was a page turner and there’s only one word to describe it which is unique.

I’ve still got something to say and this is fascinating, I sang school blessing at the 150th anniversary seems normal right? Well just before I decided to have a game of it on the tarmac and funnily enough Lottie said I hope you don’t fall over and what happened ….. I fell over! So there I was singing with blood dripping down my leg. School plays are the best and the Lion King was favourite getting my favourite part as Simba. I will always remember that play. All of these things are great but the best thing I will remember are my friends, always making me laugh and helping me when I am stuck. I will miss this school a lot. But I will always remember once a part of St Lawrence always a part of St Lawrence.


Leo Mc's Memories

Over my seven years at St. Lawrence I have had many moments and memories and I would like to share a few with you.

My first strange moment was when I cut the top off a glue stick in ash class because I was bored. Another slightly funny moment was when me and Louana cracked an egg that Mrs Mac was going to have for lunch (that wasn’t so funny

 Now let’s move on to some happier memories. My first being winning three sports days with the white team. However, my favourite things to do at school was to go on school trips like hilltop.

Before hilltop I was very nervous but in the end I ended up having the most fun I had ever had. I loved the big zipper and the power fan but my favourite activity was the treetop trail. The other overnight stay that we did was when we camped in the field. When we woke up the next day Mrs Mac and Miss Peters did a tent inspection and. Me, Leo and Elijah lost marks because of the amount of water at the front of our tent but we did get extra marks because of the poses that we were standing in.

The fact that this school is very small is not at all a bad thing. It meant that I got involved in a lot more things and it was easier to get settled into.

My journey through St. Lawrence has been amazing and all the staff have been very helpful. I hope new children have just as much fun as I did.



  Lexie's Memories

I don’t think I have enough time or memory to write everything that has happened in the past seven years but I definitely have some crazy but fun memories. For instance, the school production of The Lion King and my particular high note, or the piggy back races and falling on top of each other like a pile of rocks, or screaming on the incredibly slow but high ski lift at the Isle of Wight, or jumping of the air fan at Hilltop (which was super scary) thank goodness we had a harness on. This school may be small but it is school of madness and I love it! And I can say that I am part of St. Lawrence and once apart of St. Lawrence always a part of St. Lawrence.


Lottie's Memories

The 7 years that I have been at St. Lawrence have been a blast. I have made many great friends over the years and have countless memories and highlights. Unfortunately, I can’t share them all so here are some: the tidy up and make a circle song, golden time, Biff and Chip, teddy bear picnic and the giraffe and monster puppets in Chestnut class.

A lot happened in the later years of St. Lawrence. The amazing Viking, Roman and WW2 days that Mrs. Mac had planned for us. All the fabulous School trips that we went on including the SSS (Stone Street Staycation) which was great fun. It was different to all the other school trips we had been on so it made it unique. I liked camping outside. Hilltop, which we managed to squeeze in just before the first lockdown, was an amazing experience. I enjoyed all the activities. Even though Covid ruined many things thankfully we could still put on a school show. We managed to put on The Lion King. I really liked the fact that it was a mixture of acting and songs and everyone helped a lot making the show enjoyable and fun.

St. Lawrence is definitely a school like no others and one that I’ll never forget. It has given me many opportunities and experiences. Once a part of St. Lawrence always a part of St. Lawrence.  


Louana's memories

The 7 years I have been at St Lawrence have brought so many surprises. This last year has been more surprising than ever.

I have had so many memories over the years here are just a few of them. Let’s start with Hill Top, I really enjoyed it. I got to try so many new things. Next is the Isle of Wight. We were only there for one day but it was full of fun. My favourite thing was the chair lift and the boat ride around the needles. World war 2 day. I had so much fun on world war 2 day because we got to dress up as evacuees and I got to bring in a cake. SSS, this was our camping trip. We were meant to go to Govilon but that got cancelled so we went camping instead. We all slept over in the field and we slept in tents. I shared a tent with Hattie, Lottie, Molly, Lexie and Jemima. When we were meant to be asleep Hattie started to eat a bag of Cheetos. She ate them so loudly and so slowly it was really annoying. Lastly is the Lion King. The Lion King play was my favourite play by far. I really enjoyed it because it was something different to what we usually do. I got the part of Zazu which I really enjoyed. At first I wanted to be Nala but I soon realized that Zazu and I had a lot in common. This was my last play and by far the best.

I would just like to thank all my friends and teachers who helped me through the years. Thank you everyone. I will miss you all so much.  


Mia's Memories

I first joined in year 3 and since then I’ve made amazing friends and gone on the most exiting adventures. So much has happened in these last few years like Hilltop, the Isle of Wight, the camping trip and covid. But though all of it I’ve all ways had my 2 best friends by my side Nancy and Anabelle.

Covid was a crazy time, we had to stay inside, we couldn’t go to school but one good thing came out of it for me. As my parents still had to go to work I was a key worker kid so I was allowed to go to school. It was so much fun, we laughed, we played and all over just had a great time.

My favourite topic was in year 4 it was Vikings, one time we had a real life Viking come to school. It was so much fun, we did some acting and played some games. We also made our own Viking boasts and sailed then along a paddling pool.

And how could I forget the Lion King when I got my dream part, Nala, when I song and acted, my 2 favourite things. I could go on and on about all with all the amazing memories I’ve had at St. Lawrence but I’ll just say one more thing this school has built up my confidence and I will never forget those people who have helped me.  


Molly's Memories

At St Lawrence I learnt my alphabet and that is what I based my memories on. I am so glad I went to this school to have so many crazy times with my mad friends. I’m not going to do the whole alphabet otherwise we would be here all day.

A is for Annabelle, she is such a kind person and I’m sure she’ll have an amazing time at secondary school.

B is for bundle, the best game ever. What we do is we go in a circle trying to trip each other up, when someone fell over we would fall on top of them.

Charlotte is my amazing buddy so C is for her. I didn’t really get to spend as much time with her as I would normally but the time I did spend with her was wonderful.

E is funnier one and it’s for Elijah. One time in forest school we had to hide in places for a game so Elijah being Elijah, hid and got stuck in a holly bush.

F is for fun, let me tell you something, at St Lawrence we’re not short of fun.

G is for green, well not really the colour, I mean the green toy in the field which caused me to go to A and E from slipping off. For a few days afterwards I had a duck lip which was really funny.

H is for het one and only Hattie, The crazy and clumsy one of us. somehow she managed to get her foot stuck in a tree and was hanging from it like a monkey.

J is an important one because it is for Jemima. Jemima I know when you’re older you’re going to be a fabulous dancer.

There are 5 people with the letter L so I’ll start with Lottie. Lottie when you go to secondary school I know that you’re going to be the most organised person there. Louana on the outside people might think that you’re’ small and cute but I know that you will attack anyone that calls you that and trust me you don’t want to be on Louana’s bad side. Lexie somehow always makes me laugh at her terrible jokes and you’re amazing at Rugby, well with the rugby ball as the doll during the nativity play. Leo M I know that when you’re older you’re going to be an amazing rockstar. Leo B you were superb as Simba in the school play.

M is for Mia, you have always been so nice and you have a gorgeous singing voice.

N is for Nancy. Nancy it’s amazing how one minute you’ll be quite and the next you’re super crazy.

O is for orchestra, I love the orchestra and I’m going to miss it a lot.

T is for trips, I love how ST Lawrence is such a small school but somehow manages to let us go on the coolest trips. It is also for teachers. I wouldn’t have been able to have such an amazing time if it weren’t for the best teachers in the world, I know that even when I am older I will still remember you to be the teachers that shaped my life.

Y is for Yoda my cat. In year 2 he’d always jump through the window into my classroom.

These are all my memories, I hope that anyone who comes to St Lawrence has as good a time as I had. Thank you to all the teachers and pupils at this school who let me have such an exciting time here at St Lawrence. Once a part of St Lawrence always a part of St Lawrence.


Nancy's memories
At St lawrence many things have happened but these are my favourite ones. First let me tell you the most painful moments, cracking my head open became a tradition and burning my hand on a radiator left me in a bandage for two weeks. 
Over the 7 years of interesting journeys I have also done things I would not have normally done such as going on a boat at the Isle of Wight and jumping off a power fan at Hilltop. Another thing I've enjoyed is forest school because I have learnt so much about the outdoors. I have also done my last St lawrence show ever - the Lion King the headdresses were so cool and the acting was so fun. 
During this time I have had many laughs over very ridiculous things and it was all so fun but then Covid got in the way a bit. Because of Covid we had to learn  at home and that was very difficult. But in the end we did it and now my time has come and I will adventure off into secondary school. 
I've made so many memories in these past 7 years at St Lawrence but these past 2 years were not how I expected though. 
Covid made how we all learnt very different and I think everyone was very happy to come back to school.  We were very lucky to go to Hilltop just before lockdown and everyone had a great time. On World War 2 day we came in dressed as evacuees at the end of our world War 2 topic. In Reception everyone was excited to watch Biff and Chip. 
I enjoyed the Vikings especially when the Viking said he would hang Saul from the roof because he didn't know who Odin was, I thought that was very funny. I enjoyed acting out Ranger Rock and when the Viking told the story about Thor. 
I liked the fact that even though we couldn't go to Govilon we still did something special but it was annoying that it rained the whole time and the entrance to our tent got very wet! 
The first time I ever went on  a boat across the sea was when we went to the Isle of Wight. We watched a really small boat zoom out next to us. It was really interesting watching the patterns that the boat made behind it. It was annoying that people's car alarms carried on going off. When we got to the coast we went on a boat ride, the boat was very wobbly. I liked the view of the different coloured sands and the needle rocks. I spend most of the my time looking at the views. Nancy and I were the only children to walk back up the cliff because everyone else decided to spend £3 on the ski lift. I put £1 in the telescope so everyone could use it. I liked St Lawrence Church and I liked the peace garden which was a small area with a nice view of the sea. 
This year was the first year we did our plays on two separate days. One the second day I completely forgot we were going to do it again until the end of the day. I liked the fact that me and Leo M were both hyenas and we had lots of scenes together, I think Leo B did a very good job as Simba. Jemima did brilliantly with 'They Live in You' song, I think she didn't really know she could sing that well before now. Overall I think everyone did really well in the Lion King and everyone enjoyed the experience. 
Over these past 7 years I've really enjoyed my time at this school.