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Year 2 - Poo Day! 16th May 2022 - 27 images

We had an extremely fun poo day on Friday - whilst the children just thought they were getting mucky and making Mrs Granger blush with all the poo talk, in fact they were developing their scientific enquiry skills by comparing and contrasting poo from different species of animals, and discussing the differing diets of carnivores and herbivores that lead to such different poo. We watched dung beetles rolling poo in Africa, saw Maddie Moate making paper out of Elephant poo in Thailand (we concluded this was a BRILLIANT idea so that we can avoid chopping down trees), watched Steve Backshall fish for Blue Whale poo in the Indian Ocean (bright orange in case you wondered), and compared the different poos of our garden wildlife in England. We pieced together a poo puzzle and played matching poo pairs (thanks Gwen). By far the most excitable part of the day however, was making our own poo - we learned how food travels through our bodies and comes out of the other end looking rather different by replicating the digestive process using coco pops, bread and biscuits as food. We had clear plastic bags for stomachs, added special saliva to help us swallow, mushed the food up with our hands instead of stomach acid, then transferred our now gloopy food into our intestines (tights), using our own version of peristalsis to shuffle it along and separate the liquid waste from the solids, and finally, using an icing bag, our poos were complete! Much hysterical laughter... Apologies if your dinner time chats are less pleasant for the next few evenings - enjoy the pictures!