Spelling at St Lawrence

At St Lawrence we believe that good spelling is essential in order for children to communicate effectively in all areas of the curriculum. In order for the children to do this they need to develop a range of spelling strategies.

We want our children to develop a love of language, using challenging and ambitious vocabulary. It is that which will enable them to become effective communicators.

Children in KS1 are taught phonics using “Letters and Sounds” and children in KS2 may work on some phonics skills individually or in small groups with a TA, using “Letters and Sounds” or “Read, Write Inc” We use the “Shakespeare and more spelling scheme of work"

We aim to

  • Develop a range of spelling strategies
  • Encourage the use of ambitious vocabulary
  • Develop editing and proof reading skills
  • Encourage children to identify patterns in words
  • Promote a positive and confident attitude to spelling

Spelling Strategies

Phonics and the correspondence of letters and sounds underpins all learning of spelling in school. There are other strategies which the children are encouraged to use and which might be useful if you are helping your children at home. These include:-

  • Look, cover, write check
  • Identifying syllables in words
  • Using root words/word families eg smile, smiling, smiled
  • Looking for words within words eg ear within hear
  • Using words already known to spell new words eg would, should, could
  • Mnemonics eg big elephants can always upset small elephants=because
  • Learning different spelling rules (eg cross out the y and add ies for plurals)
  • Linking handwriting and spelling-muscle memory