Welcome to Oak Class               Year 3/4

oak tree

 Mrs. Woodhouse is the class teacher for Oak Class Monday-Thursday with Mrs McLauchlan on a Friday. Mrs Allaway and Mrs Bowdery-Claxton are Oak class teaching assistants.           






Welcome to Term 5. 


This term we shift our topic focus to a geographical one: looking at the U.S,A. We've begun looking at map skills and understanding that the world is divided up by invisible lines of latitude and longitude to allow us to locate places in the world. We've had our first look at the USA and have been naming and locating the 50 states that make up the USA.  Over the coming weeks will be taking a virtual trip around USA looking at its physical and human geographical features alongside finding out about some of the individual states. 



WEekly Spellings -

Children will be given spellings on a Friday to bring home and learn to be tested the following Friday in school. Please do help support your child with spelling practice at home. 

Please see attached handy tips for practising your spellings Here.

Spelling Ideas


Spellings for this week. Using the suffix ed to change a verb to the past tense.

Can you explain the rules?


darted  yelled  dashed  begged  wrapped  grabbed  gazed  chased  worried  cried







This term our English work will be focussed on 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane' by Kate Dicamillo. Its  a wonderful heart-warming story of a china rabbit who gets lost and journeys from place to place with different companions, growing emotionally along the way!  It explores themes of Love, kindness and compassion, loss and self-discovery. 


  We encourage all children to read for 20-30  minutes a day. There is a reccomended reading list on the school website.  Children are welcome to borrow books from the class reading corner to enjoy at home but please do remember to return them once finished as our reding area is looking a little sparce in some areas. 




This term we are developing our Fraction knowledge further. The children are learning to add and subtract fractions, with Year 4 extending this knowledge to subtracting from mixed numbers. They will be finding unit and non-unit fractions of sets of objects and amounts. 
We then move our learning in Year 4 onto looking at Decimals and Year 3 will be looking at lenths and perimeter. 

Year 4 only have 2 months to go until their Multiplication Check in Mid June. It is VITAL that they all practise their times tables for 5 mins every day at home.

They are expected to know all their times tables up to 12 x 12 and be able to answer in 6s per question!

Whilst we do regular practise at school, all children do need to practise at home. Please support your children with these. There are plenty of games on purple mash, and on the sites below. In addition, there are wonderful songs on youtube that we use in class, ask your child to show them to you so you can all sing along at home! Perhaps, when you're in the car/walking to school you could quiz your child. There are so many ways to practise, but the children will only know them off by heart if they do practise them! 


For additional maths practise, please see the link below to Topmarks and Maths Frame where there are a wealth of games to aid children's fluency in all four operations along with shape, direction, measurement and fractions! 



We are currently learning about electricity. we have discussed different electrical sources, appliances and how to be safe with electricity. Then children are enjoying building circcuits and testing materials that insulate and conduct electricity. 


PE days: please come in full PE kit on Wednesdays. Please remember PE fleeces/jumpers if cold, sun hats and sun cream alongside a waterproof coat. 

Children do take part in PE in all weathers. 


Year 4 will be attending Forest School this term. Please dress appropriately. 

MFL: The children have made a good start and learning basic greetings in French. This term they will be developing their conversation skills to describe appearances and feelings. 

Art: our Artwork this term will look at Pop Art and the work of Andy Warhol.  
In Computing we are learning to code by giving commands to a screen turtle to create shapes and letters. We will then be moving our coding skills onwards using 2code. 

Purple Mash 


Maths Frame 


Top Marks