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Have a look around the classroom and the different areas the children can explore and learn in...


In the cloakroom where the children hang their coats and bags we have the 'Wow moments' display. This will grow throughout the year as the children's achievements are added to it:


 This is the Construction Area where the children can create models and use the toys on the carpet area:

There is a weekly Phonics Challenge for each year group:






And a Funky Fingers activity which changes regularly and helps us build strong hand muscles to make our writing neat and beautiful! 

In the Maths area we can access any of the maths resources at any time, whether that is during a maths session or during child-initiated time:

Our Role Play Corner changes often to reflect our current topic or the children's interests. At the moment it is a Home Corner, but last term in was a Dinosaur Den!

This is our peaceful Reading Garden which also has a writing table:

The dressing-up rail has lots of fantastic outfits so that we can enjoy becoming superheroes, cowboys, princesses, police, doctors, firefighters and nurses:

The sand tray has different items in it to explore depending on our topic and the learning we want to achieve. It is fantastic for finding buried coins or Numicon pieces in our maths sessions:

This is our Art Gallery, where any amazing art work can be displayed for everyone to admire:

In the messy corner we can do paintings or drawings on the easel, use the junk-modelling materials to make incredible creations or experiment with the paints, felt and collage materials:











We are very lucky in Ash Class to have four computers to support our learning:

This is our Prayer Area where we can reflect and write down a prayer to hang on the Prayer Tree. Our class prayers live here too, such as our lunchtime and home time prayers:

These are our class rules in Ash Class. We all need to work together to achieve these, so we have 'signed' to say we will work hard to do this by adding our handprints to the display:

And last, but by no means least, we have our amazing Outdoor Area! We have a great time outside in the mud kitchen, construction yard, reading den, potting shed and pond area, den building area, music wall, water tray and water wall! We are almost spoilt for choice! 

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