Happy Summer Holidays

 At the end of this academic year I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone in the St Lawrence School Community for their support and encouragement. It’s been a great year! So many good things to celebrate, culminating in a wonderful summer show, Matilda. What an empowering story, celebrating books, education and the importance of making a stand against injustice.

To our surprise, news of our show spread to the rich and famous!!..

A message from Pam Ferris, who played the part of Miss Trunchball in the film.

Please tell the children to :-     I hear you’ve recently done a performance of Matilda and that it was wonderful. STOP MESSING ABOUT WITH ALL THIS SINGING AND PRANCING ABOUT ON STAGE AND GROW UP FASTER! BE QUIET AND BEHAVE YOURSELVES OR I’LL BE COMING TO THE ST LAURENCE SCHOOL TO THROW YOU ALL IN THE CHOKEY!!!    REMEMBER - I'VE GOT MY EYE ON YOU…..     SIGNED THE REAL AGATHA TRUNCHBULL  HEADMISTRESS,  CRUNCHEM HALL. (If you think this would upset them, please just tell them from me that they were brilliant). Lots of love, and keep up the good work - Pam Ferris XX

A message from Tim Minchin, who wrote the songs:-




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