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Oak Class trip on Wednesday

It does sound as if it is going to be very hot. Please ensure children have sun cream, hats and a water bottle as well as a drink in their lunch box (we will be storing the lunch boxes hence the separate water bottle).

Many thanks

 Mrs McLauchlan is the class teacher for Oak Class
Mrs Green teaches Oak Class on Tuesdays

Costumes for Oliver

That time of year is fast approaching- it's show time!

Year 3 and 4 start the play as members of the orphanage and then become members of Fagin's gang. My plan is that the children start in ragged shirts and trousers that are relatively "uniform" to show the that the children are in an institution. When the children are in Fagin's den they are still poor but are allowed to be more individual so I would suggest that they add a hat/cap or a waistcoat or a pair of fingerless gloves or a brightly coloured kerchief around the neck, anything really to show their own character.

As part of our technology I would like to create the shirts in school with the children. To that end could I ask each child to bring in a school type shirt which we can use as a base. It doesn't matter if it's a bit big and belonged to an older sibling, or a dad! Ideally if it could be long sleeved that would be great. We will be cutting them up. We need them  by Thursday of next week please. Could I also ask you to dig out any old trousers which we could turn into orphan trousers?



You will have noticed that I have not set any spelling homework for the first half of term, following the mammoth effort of all the children, and parents, in learning the set words for year 3 and 4 for a sponsored spell. I was so impressed by how well everyone did.

We will be doing dictation, using those words, in the remaining weeks up until the end of term so your spelling homework is to revise them regularly.

150th Celebrations

Our class, being excellent historians, are responsible for two eras of the school's past. The second world war and the period from 1945-1975. I would love to have as many of the world war II projects back in as possible so that we can use them as part of our display. If they are still in one piece could they be brought into school on Thursday 14th June please. I do appreciate that some were edible or fragile and may not have survived this long so please don't worry if this is the case.

Children are invited to dress up in the style of the era they are studying. Obviously all of Oak Class have a World War II costume and they are welcome to wear that. If they have anything in the style of 1945-1975 they are welcome to wear that. They are also welcome to wear ordinary school uniform if they prefer.




Well done everyone- what fabulous projects. I hope you enjoyed our World War II day. You looked fantastic in your costumes.








Children should read for twenty minutes every evening. By Key Stage 2 most children will be able to read independently but chatting to adults about the books they have read really helps with comprehension.