Ash Class

Welcome to Ash Class!

Welcome to Ash Class! We are Reception and Year 1 and our teachers are Miss Wells and Mrs Clark. We have three lovely Teaching Assistants to help us in Ash Class, and they are Mrs Allaway who is with us on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Mrs Allan who is here on Thursdays and Mrs Waller who is with us Tuesday-Friday mornings until 10.30 and Thursday afternoons.

Week beginning 5th June…  

There has been so much excitement in Ash Class this week as we started our new topic...dinosaurs! The children were shocked to find that the classroom had been trashed, the chairs and easel tipped over, pens all over the floor and large footprints all through the classroom! We decided these footsteps couldn't belong to anyone from Ash Class, or even the teachers, as they were simply too big! There was a letter and a parcel left for us, and it turned out to be a letter from the class dinosaurs telling us that they had been taken away by a big dinosaur to an island to help a little boy. In the parcel was a book called 'Tom and the Island of the Dinosaurs'. When we read this we found out that Tom had gone to the Island to help a little girl called Katy, but before he could save her he also had to save the dinosaurs! It seemed that our dinosaurs had gone to help.

We also wrote a letter to the dinosaurs, persuading them to come back to our classroom and left these in the classroom with the door slightly open. Our plan worked because on Friday when we went out to play they had left us a postcard from the island saying they wanted to come back. When we looked closely outside we found them hidden in all the plants and bushes in the playground! Phew!

Next week…

We will be increasing our dinosaur knowledge with a week of dinosaur fact-finding.


Year 1 Spellings

Day, play, say, way, stay, a, the, to

Boy, toy, enjoy, annoy, I, is, he

See, tree, green, meet, week , she, we

Oil, join, coin, point, soil, no, me

Made, came, same, take, safe, be

Food, pool, moon, zoo, soon, no

Book, took, foot, wood, good, go, so

My, by, goes, toe, coach, goal, road, boat, coat

Out, about, mouth, around, sound, here

Off, well, miss, buzz, back, there

Bank, think, honk, sunk, where

Car, start, park, arm, garden, of

Girl, bird, shirt, first, third, said, says

Turn, hurt, church, burst, Thursday, are, were

Now, how, brown, down, town, was, his

Own, blow, snow, grow, show, has, you

Blue, clue, true, rescue, Tuesday, your

New, few, grew, flew, drew, threw, they

For, short, born, horse, morning, put, push

More, score, before, wore, shore, pull, full

Saw, draw, yawn, crawl, bedroom, house

Air, fair, pair, hair, chair, farmyard, our

Dear, hear, beard, near, year, bear, pear, wear, do

Bare, dare, care, share, scared, football, today

Catch, fetch, kitchen, notch, hutch, the, a, do, to

Rain, wait, train, paid, afraid, bright, light, right, today, of, said, says

Five, ride, like, time, side, blackberry, are, were, was, is

Home, those, woke, hope, hole, bedroom, his, has, I, you

Next week: June, rule, rude, use, tube, tune, playground, your, they, be he

Reception Phonics

S   –   as in ssssssnake

A   –   as in a-a-apple

T   –   as in t-t-tennis

I    –   as in i-i-igloo

P   –   as in p-p-pat

N   –   as in nnnnewspaper

M   –   as in mmmmummy

D   –    as in d-d-dog

G   –    as in g-g-goat

O   –    as in o-o-octopus

C   –     as in c-c-cat

K   –     as in k-k-king

CK  –   as in kick

E    –     as in e-e-egg

U   –      as in u-u-umbrella

R   –       as in rrrrrip, rrrrrag

H   –      as in h-h-hot

B    –      as in b-b-ball

F    –      as in ffffffish

FF  –      as in muffin

L    –      as in llllllleaf

LL  –      as in jelly

SS   –     as in g-g-grass

J      -      as in j-j-j-jelly

V     -      as in vvvvvolcano

W   -      as in w-w-wig

X     -      as in fox

Y     -      as in y-y-yoghurt

Z     -      as in zzzzip

ZZ  -       as in buzz

Qu  -      as in queen

Ch  -      as in chip

Sh  -      as in shop

Th  -      as in thumb

Ng  -     as in ring

Ai   -     as in rain

Ee   -     as in sheep

Igh  -     as in high

Oa   -    as in goat

Oo   -    as in food

Ar    -     as in star

Or    -     as in fork

Ur    -     as in hurt

Ow  -     as in cow

Oi    -      as in coin

Ear   -     as in hear

Air   -      as in hair

Ure   -     as in pure

Oo    -     as in book

Er      -    as in number

We have now reached the end of Phase 3 for Reception, and have been going back to do some revision of the sounds. This past week we have been looking at 'igh' and 'oa' and 'oo' as in 'book' and also 'moon'. We will be introducing the Phase 4 sounds during this revision.


This video can help with the pronunciation of the sounds:


Many thanks as always for your help and co-operation.

Miss Wells, Mrs Clark and the Ash Class team


We use this page to advise parents and guardians of our weekly goings-on and the work we are doing. We may also include any activities which we feel could be beneficial to your child’s learning and development to complete at home. There is no specific expectation for the children to complete homework; however, it is most valuable to your child’s development and understanding if they are conscious of the links between what they do in school and at home.

We ask that you enjoy reading and sharing books with your child on a daily basis, it is so good for children to have access to a range of books outside of their school reading books too. It is also useful to find opportunities to point out text in the environment, looking at road signs, labels on food, car number plates etc. Finding time to explore number and counting is also a worthwhile activity. There’s always something to count, whether it be the number of cars going by the window on a journey out, or how many Shreddies have been poured into the bowl of a morning!